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The installation “From Ash” was shown in St. Markus in Munich spring 2012. “From Ash” is also the title of a book based on Barbro Raen Thomassen´s installations in Vågsbygd Frikirke in the spring of 2009. Anders Martinsen Photographers have documented the growth of grass – from ash. Paal-Helge Haugen, Alf Kjetil Igland, Hanne Sophie Greve and others have written the texts. Entos Publishing House, Kristiansand 2009.


  • “An exhibition uniquely suited for the book format.”Stine Frimann, Vårt Land 11.12.2009“

  • Quiet-mannered meditation.” Emil Otto Syvertsen, Fædrelandsvennen 2.12.2009“

  • Eco-art at its most veracious.” Wera Sæther in a letter 11.01.2010


The project in Vågsbygd Frikirke 2009 is a juxtaposition of two separately presented installations in Gallery Lista Lighthouse (2001 and 2004).


It started with ASHES AND WHITE »

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